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New few experiments

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New few experiments

Post by 6zuzie6|Yami on Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:58 pm


Egg 1:
Breed: Pebble
Stage: 2nd Stage Crack
Time?: (not sure yet) around 4pm to 5pm EST tonight
-Has been through the AP, will not gain a day.

Egg 2:
Breed: Black
Satge: Solid egg
Time?: March 17th - 18th
-Has been through the AP. Will NOT gain a day.

Egg 3:
Breed: Purple
Stage: Solid egg
Time?: March 18th - 19th
-Has been through the AP. will NOT gain a day.

Hatchling 1:
Breed: Pebble
Stage: Unmatured pebble
Time?: Around 3-4am EST on Sunday morning
-Has been through the AP, will NOT gain day.

Strikeouts means it had already been experimented on.
Red = Died normal
Blue = Traded off

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