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Post by Lunarian on Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:51 pm

Hey name's Lunarian but you can call me Luna or Ladyfox because Ladyfoxwomen is my scroll name. I really hope I can breed and get a ND. I'm going to have fun trying even if I fail. Very Happy

I love all animals and photography. My fav anime/Manga is FullMetal Alchemist. I also love the show Yu-Gi-Oh farao I'm currently re -watching the series and am almost finished too. farao

I love dragons and that was one of the reasons I created account on dragcave. For a while I wondered how to get a ND when today I stumbled upon this wonderful site filled with people researching NDs. I figured this was the perfect spot to learn how to get a ND while at the same time having fun. I do get busy so please excuse me if there are days where I can't make it on. I do have to deal with school work. I'll try to be on as often as possible. Very Happy


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