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New ND experiment in next week or so...

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New ND experiment in next week or so...

Post by Rockin' On on Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:27 pm

Ill be doing another ND experiment in the next week or so(still have to wait for some eggs to be dropped onto my scroll from friends)but ASAP when Ive got a spot AND /OR see the perfect egg in AP,Ill be ready to start my first new ND experiment in ages..I could REALLU use some help on this one,as all my others were total failures,Im just needing a shoulder/anything to lean on & give me some support ,if only in helpful cheerleading emails..of course,a few suggestions would be WELCOME!
Anyone that can spare a few minutes daily when I get my ND egg,please PM me anytime!! Thx so much!
Rockin' On

Rockin' On

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