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My second try

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My second try

Post by Kudamon on Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:07 pm

... First try failed. XD Bred my two Greens(somehow ended up with a Geode O_o) and experimenting with the resulting egg.

Scroll Name: Kiryu
Scroll Link:
Egg code (not direct link please): W7gZ
Day of Experiment: 1-9-2011
Time of Unfog: About 30 minutes before ToD
Time of Death: Some time around 3pm PST, 1-16-2011
What are the stats?: 0-0-0
What ER's have you put them in?: None yet but I'll put them in all I can find
Will you be on Chat? Which one?: Nope; I don't come here often enough. XD


Timezone : Pacific
DragCave Scroll : Kiryu
IRC channel Nickname? : N/A
# of ND Experiments You've Done? : 2- one hatched normally, currently on second try
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