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Double Jeopardy

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Double Jeopardy

Post by siliconrose on Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:25 am

A week and a day ago, I picked up a CB Albino and did an experiment on it yesterday. It didn't succeed, but I successfully dropped it through my catcher and had it back on my scroll with approximately 1 day left. Since I already had three hatchlings and I had promised to catch for a friend the next day, I left it fogged for a last-ditch effort using Earthquake instead of bouncing.

It had 760/54/2. I unfogged it, but with the lag I accidentally fogged it again and then had to unfog it. The second time, it turned. Unfortunately, it was unaffected through four Earthquakes and died, but I figured it'd be useful -- if you miss a bounce attempt, you may get a turn on the second try.


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