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One day left, Will it turn ND? MY FIRST EXPERIMENT EVER

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One day left, Will it turn ND? MY FIRST EXPERIMENT EVER

Post by masterkat6 on Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:35 pm

I have a balloon egg that I got on the abandoned page at 1 day 2 hours, and since I don't like these types TOO much, I wasn't exactally thrilled to get this egg. I got it to the almost-hatched stage, where theres a huge hole in it and had a brilliant idea!! What if I fogged it and waited till last few hours tommorrow!!! So I fogged it. If I leave it fogged for a few hours, I hope it turns ND. I will post results tommorrow at 12 o clock, because thats when I'll un-fog the egg. Wish me luck!!! I hope it works . . . .

PS Sorry I didn't do format, don't want too many people viewing my scroll and making hatchies sick



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