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Neglected Dragons

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Neglected Dragons

Post by 6zuzie6|Yami on Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:56 pm

~Neglected Dragons~

Neglected dragons are rarest, most mysterious and, after new sprite changing, arguably most beautiful of all dragons. They've been around since the site started up and many rumours have spread that they are not available anymore- this is NOT true. They are still available to get. Also, they are usually confused with Zombie or Undead Dragons. They cannot be created neither via taking it from cave or AP, nor via breeding. They are created from any eggs using some unknown method. Hatchlings can be turned into neglecteds, but it is far more difficult than changing an egg. Neglected Science has been investigating methods that may be used to obtain this breed of dragon. With the method used to obtain this dragon, it is previously thought that these and the Neglected dragons were created as a punishment to terrible dragon owners for taking poor care of their dragons yet now they are coveted by members across the world.

~Official Dragon Description


This breed of dragons results from an egg or hatchling that has been neglected. They are usually rebellious, not obeying their masters, sometimes even attacking them. However, their neglect as a hatchling leaves them crippled, and they are weak compared to other breeds, causing them to stay with their masters for protection.

Matured Hatchling:

It looks very sick, as though it wasn't very well looked after... And look! It's grown its wings! It must be close to maturing.


It looks very sick, as though it wasn't very well looked after...


This egg is very sickly looking, like it's diseased.

~Gender differences

Female neglected dragons have large horns that wrap around the side of her head. Males on the other hand have shorter horns that stick straight back and genderless adults (see bottom of page) have no horns. Genderless adults are the result of a glitch, particularly from the 2007 site-wide glitch where Holly Christmas dragons were bred out of season and resulted in creating a neglected dragon instantly.

~Sprite Artists

*Komodo Gallant (Adult)
*Marrionetta (Hatchling, Adult)


Original Sprite:

First Replacement Sprites:

Full Series and Currently Used Sprites of the Neglected Dragon:

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