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Hi guys! (About me)

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Hi guys! (About me) Empty Hi guys! (About me)

Post by WowDragonsYay on Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:07 am

Hi! I'm... My name is secret. Call me Inky.

How did you get the nickname 'Inky'?

Good question. I was on a roleplaying forum (Google it) playing a warrior cats roleplay (Google it). My name on the forum was Inkpelt. One day, I started my post with;

"Hi guys! Inky's in the house!"

I thought Inky was an amazing nickname  affraid so it sort of stuck.

Right after you've posted this introduction, what are you going to do?

Get some mentoring, eat some waffles, read some tips, then introduce the egg i'm attempting to make neglected. If you must know, it's a Skywing. The one I tried to get from the abandoned cave somehow managed to gain one view, so I decided to use the Skywing I had thought was uncommon when I stole it. I'm still waiting for it to lose one hour so I can calculate it's ToD.

What's your method?

1. Steal the egg
2. Fog it
3. wait until it loses an hour
4. Calculate it's ToD
5. 10 minuites before it dies, add it to every single clicksite, fansite, and forum page on the dragon cave wiki
6. Get a neglected dragon!

This method is subject to change if I find any more tips, but i'm not updating my INTRODUCTION post when I have a neglected army. That can go in a real method post.

Do you have any habits?

Well, when I do a really long chunk ofwrittng or do some rules, I put it in a 'spoiler box: Click to view.' Then I put at the end of the spoiler, inside the spoiler;

'Put abc123 at the end of your post if you read this far!'

So I can eliminate the people who don't listen to me.

Yawn, tired of questions.

That's only four questions!

Okay, okay. If you have an more questions about me, post them below, and i'll do my best to add them to this post.


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