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Hello, is there an active MOD or ADMIN here?

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Hello, is there an active MOD or ADMIN here? Empty Hello, is there an active MOD or ADMIN here?

Post by Nyastara on Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:21 am

Hy there,

in the "Dragon Cave Wiki" topic on the Dragon Cave forums a user mentioned that the guide "So, how do I go about getting a Neglected?" is not up to date anymore.
For eggs from the AP, you will have to wait and watch the egg's time go down. When the egg's time goes down, the egg will die 30 minutes after that time when it reaches 0 hours (when an egg hits 0 hours, it actually has 30 minutes left).

I contacted the autor of the guide, but she told me that:
I don't play DC really anymore and I don't even go on that forums anymore either. So whatever is in that guide will have to be fixed by someone else because I won't be fixing anything from it. Sorry.

So I'm in need of a Mod or an Admin who could maybe update this small guide... cheers 

greez Nyastara


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