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Going to try, most likely will fail

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Going to try, most likely will fail Empty Going to try, most likely will fail

Post by Finchfrond on Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:08 pm

Well, I heard that Spitfires change more easily than most. I also happen to have incubated it, and know the time I got it. Along with having a Magi, I think I'm set for a smallscale experiment.
However, I'm going to need a catcher, so that's an open job.
Made this in MSword, so..

Myself wrote::35 Wednesday next week
unfog egg for experiment
add to valley sherwood, AoND, egg drop soup, eggs all around the world, dragon dump, draghatch over a period of time

pray for a change in color

if and when it turns green, send to *insert catcher here*.

I'm also open for plan revisions, because I don't want to end up murdering an egg from careless planning.
So uhm, yeah. uwu;

Here's the layout-summary of this...

Scroll Name: Finchfrond
Scroll Link:
Egg code (not direct link please): 7AiBs
Day of Experiment: February 26, 2014
Time of Unfog: :35
Time of Death: :40
What are the stats?: 1 :: 1 :: 1 {Bleh, I clicked it twice by accident.}
What ER's have you put them in?: I will place them in some of these when the time arrives, for now it's just a selection to choose from: Valley Sherwood, AoND, Egg Drop Soup, Eggs All Around the World, Dragon Dump, and Draghatch.
Will you be on Chat? Which one?: I'll try to be, to spread word of the experiment and get some pointers pre-defog, on the #NDWorld IRC.

Timezone : UTC-5
DragCave Scroll : Finchfrond
IRC channel Nickname? : Finchfrond
# of ND Experiments You've Done? : I'm going to try one! Deaths: 0 | Turns: 0 | Turn&Deaths: 0 | Normals: 0
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