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Guten tag, bonjour, hello, however you greet someone in your native language!

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Guten tag, bonjour, hello, however you greet someone in your native language!

Post by Finchfrond on Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:18 am

Well, introductions were never my best, but I'll give it a shot!
Hi, my {online} name is Finchfrond, and I am never going to be a specialist in any breed as such a newbie to DC. ^-^;
But in all seriousness, I will state that I'm fairly new to Dragon Cave and even more so to this site. Despite what that may imply, I actually have done some research on Neglects as I refer to them as, albeit the info souring was a fairly shallow shifting through. I'm interested by the breed, and because of that fascination it will be likely that I will make the attempt{s} to turn an egg into a poor sickly sap for the sake of SCIENCE. However, that bridge will be crossed at a later date due to the fact I'm tying to actually get a legitimate Scroll going, and that I'd prefer having an extra egg slot via trophy in case I frazz it up badly. Like hesitate with the click-nuking or do it too early. Outside of experiments I have a list of dreamies thought up, along with that craving for rares, so don't expect me to right away say "Okay let's make a poor attempt to convert a Silver-Shimmer into a Neglect hurdurr". No offense to those who've tried to do that. Also I'll be doing any experiments by night b/c still a scholar.
But yes, ramblings aside, I'm free to a little chit-chat or maybe a fandom-related spasm on my PMs, as long as they aren't hate.
Also, fun fact: My {OOC brackets} are those fancy pointed ones, so if you go whhhaaaaaaat because they mean something else grammatically, then yeah.

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