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Hello everybody!

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Hello everybody!

Post by soulchaser on Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:42 pm

Hello everybody!

My name is soulchaser and perhaps you already know me from DC forum.
I've already been reading here quite a few times in order to find some advices on making NDs myself, but unfortunately all my experiments failed so far (all hatched normally). So today I decided to register, especially as I red about the mentoring project.
Well, I'd really love to become a ND apprentice, but I'm not quite sure about how much time I could spend on this. You know, I just finished my studies and I should finally try to find a job. And besides, I have some quite time consuming hobbies, too...

I'll keep reading a bit and will see how things work out. Perhaps I'll join the chat and say hello, but I must admit that I'm always feeling quite awkward when I enter a chat room for the first time where I don't know anybody and I'm not used to the habits, yet. ^^'

Have a great day! Very Happy

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