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New Experimenter here!

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New Experimenter here! Empty New Experimenter here!

Post by StarSea on Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:01 pm

^_^ I'm a new experimenter, and my first experiment is on a CB Terrae, so here's to hoping all goes well!

A little about me-
My favorite color is Electric Blue.
My favorite fonts are Lucida Calligraphy, Times New Roman, and Bradley Hand ITC.
I love doing sprite work, though I'm usually too busy to actually really help with any of the dragon concepts in the DCF. Sad
I'm addicted to Dragon Cave and FelisFire. FelisFire takes up the majority of my time. xP
I work at a florist. Very Happy
Umm... I'm usually VERY shy when I first meet someone. It's not anything I have against you! I just worry that I'll say or do something wrong.
I've got 13 pets! My biggest record on pets ever was somewhere around 57 or so! ^_^
Can you tell I like animals? I can't pick a favorite, but I most definitely can pick a most hated (or more...)- SPIDERS! They just creep me out! Especially those ones with the itty bitty bodies and extremely long, really thin legs. Blech! Stink bugs as well! They've got those skinny long legs too! Crane flies and flies are another one. Just about every one of the few animals I do hate are bugs. I could name a few others, but I suppose you get the point.
I've most often got school from 6:30AM EST to 3:00PM EST, so I'm normally completely inactive around those times.
I love to learn other languages, so I do that by sometimes writing in them, or, on FelisFire, naming in them. Very Happy
(I'm learning Lao, German, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Greek, Chinese, Welsh, Japanese, and I'm pretty sure a few others that I can't name off the top of my head... Lao and Welsh are my weakest ones right now, Greek, German, and Italian being my strongest ones. ^_^ Obviously I'm natively English. xP)
Lao for "It was a pleasure meeting you!"

Now, any questions, comments, or concerns? ^_^


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