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Post by Rufistar on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:37 pm

Hello! I'm Rufistar. I have 49 dragons and my favorites are Terrae, Pillows, Shallows, and Guardians of Nature. I use three click sites, and I never have any sickness problems if I place my eggs a few hours after I get them. Am going to start a personal, or maybe with a friend, lineage project project soon.

I was looking for pinks in the biomes to influence the lineage's dragons, and I saw some cheeses. I kept refreshing and clicking and when they ended, I got a canopy instead. I didn't want another canopy, so I decided to start my first ND experiment on it.

I came to this forum because I was researching about NDs. I know nothing about strategies for saving a turned egg. I only know what NDs are and that they have to get enough clicks at the end. So first they have to transform then you have to rapidly save it?

Am not new to forumotion, I have been on Fantage Forum for a while now. Even though I don't play Fantage. I just copied my profile from there. So hello, and hope we can be friends Smile

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# of ND Experiments You've Done? : My canopy egg is being experimented on. Still 7 days left.
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