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I'm new, sup.

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I'm new, sup.

Post by Takoto on Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:24 pm

Yo, I'm Takoto.
I've been on Dragon's Cave since earlier this year and since I started going on it I couldn't stop getting dragons T _T;; But now I'm trying to get a Neglected Dragon or two, because they're so awesome-looking. It's pretty tough, so I thought I'd join up here and look around at topics and maybe post in some, and get some advice! So far I've tried five times and all eggs have died... such is life though!

I'm a college student in England, going into University next year. I'm mainly an artist, but I also like politics and psychology, and I've been learning the Japanese language. I spend most of my time drawing, playing Pokémon, Final Fantasy, JRPGs and fighting games, drinking tea, thinking I'm a cat, and sleeping. And posting on forums. Yep. I love tea and cats~ and of course dragons. I've loved them since I was a kid.

I'm on other places:
* > General DeviantArt
* > Tumblr
* > General ArtBlog
* > Twitter
* > MLP DeviantArt

I hope no one minds me being here/lurking here \ o/

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