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looking for some clarification

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looking for some clarification Empty looking for some clarification

Post by Kheriss on Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:48 pm

I am new to DC and the whole Neglected Dragon experimentation. I have been reading through posts here, as well as on the DC wiki and just have a couple questions to clear things up a bit, and I apologize in advance if I did not understand concepts that should be obvious.

As I am understanding it, the sequence of events (in theory) should be: get egg, don't let it be viewed or as little as possible, wait until 5 mins to ToD (for commons), abandon/port dragon to gain day, have ported back, then get views til egg is at stage 5, then hatch.

the egg only gains a day when abandoned if it is incubated by a red?
if so it always gains the day back when abandoned?
but not always when teleported via Magi?
I saw the post by AccidentlyonPurpose, that being the sad and disheartening case that it is, with the Magi port would it then possibly be better to have a trusted friend catch/fog the egg and then Magi port it ToD minus 5 mins, so that if it does die, its on your own scroll rather than friends? (this is something I've talked over with a buddy of mine that's willing to attempt this, but thought I'd get input first.)

after egg turns:
if an egg turned, was shunted and returned with a gained day:
does it need to be sent to a handful of click sites then forced hatched?
or can it be let to hatch anytime within that 24 hour window?
once it is a hatchling on your scroll, it is "out of danger"?

Thank you for your time reading over this massive letter Very Happy


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