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First experiment and self-doubts

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First experiment and self-doubts

Post by Lemubaby on Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:40 pm

I'm going for my first ND experiment. I did a bit of research beforehand and felt confident enough for a first try, but now I'm kinda second guessing the methods I ever-so-carefully pre-planned.

I nabbed a CB Water-walker egg and marked down the exact time I got it. I have the ToD calculated to the minute, but I heard some people saying that it has to be calculated to the second, and I'm not exactly sure how that's done.

I incubated it with the intentions of transferring it to a friend for the extra day, and then promptly fogged it. This is where I'm feeling kinda iffy about the procedure regarding the egg's stats. Should I keep it fogged at 0/0/0 until the 10-minute scramble begins? Or should I let the views come in little by little, hoping to aim for the statistical sweet spot and see if it turns?

Also, I'm unsure about the use of click sites. How many should I put my egg on? It doesn't seem to go by "the more, the merrier", as I previously thought.

I understand that you learn as you do more and more experiments, and that you only learn from failures, but I really want to maximize my odds, and I am also a bit impatient truth be told.

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