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Gender related question.

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Gender related question. Empty Gender related question.

Post by ylangylang on Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:00 pm

The dragon cave wikia says that-

" It is a proven fact that influencing an egg when it is 3 or more days either male or female before it turns neglected will result in a genderless Neglected Dragon as long as it teleported to another user before it hatches. As we all know, influencing drops upon abandonment, but in the case of the ND's, it appears to make them gender unknown."

Does that mean that I have to teleport the influenced egg as soon as it turns to another user, or that I can teleport it at, say, 4 days, get it back, and resume experimenting and it will result in a genderless neglected?

To be specific, at what point must I teleport to get the desired result? Before turning? Or after turning?


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