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Upcomimg experiment...its been awhile,must get TOD!

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Upcomimg experiment...its been awhile,must get TOD! Empty Upcomimg experiment...its been awhile,must get TOD!

Post by Rockin' On on Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:37 pm

Despite my earlier experiments,Ive never had a "success".....but here I go again,& hoping for better luck!!
Myegg for ND try (fogged) has 1D9H...just now going to go to the DC clock & work out TOD+ 30 minutes! Rolling Eyes Yes,I DO recall that,but Ive always gotten extremely nervous once I get the actual TOD...but this egg HAS already got 153 views/89UVs,so maybe that will be a better factor..?!
Just popping in to post my experiment,and when I get T.O.D. Ill post THAT ,and hopefully it will go smoother(??!!)
Once I HAVE correct time,Ill also go to chat,hop THAT will be of help also..*sigh*..ok,here goes,getting TOD Exclamation Back when I have more info!
Rockin' On

Rockin' On

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