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New to the hunt

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New to the hunt

Post by AceOfBrokenHearts on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:26 pm

I've seen a few theories on here about getting an ND, and before I start my own experiments I want to get feedback from people who have tried these theories. I also have a few questions on some of the theories.

1st - Graveyard theory. Is it necessary to have dead eggs/hatchies on your scroll in order to make an ND? I already have one dead egg, would that be enough to try and turn an egg? Also, have there been any NDs created on a scroll where there were no dead eggs?

2nd - Lucifer's Ungendered Theory. Has anyone other than Lucifer tried this? I don't have a Pink dragon yet, but in order to get an Ungendered I'd be willing to get one for experimentation purposes. I know Lucifer has 3 Ungenders, but has anyone else had success with that theory, or is it still uncertain?

3rd - Earthquake and Forcing. I don't know anyone who'd be a catcher for Bouncing, so if I were to use either EQ or force-kill, which one has had a higher success rate? If anyone has tried both, which one's easier to use, or works more often? (Again, I don't have the necessary dragon, but I planned on getting one anyway in order to get a Geode Dragon.)

4th - Viewbombing. Is it really plausible to get enough views to hatch the egg in a minute or less? Has viewbombing worked for anyone, or do you need to bounce it before viewbombing?

5th - Bouncing. Do you need to abandon the egg to bounce it, or could you use a Magi Dragon's Teleport to give it to a friend, and then have them Teleport it back? Has anyone tried this? (Yet again, I don't have a Magi yet, but I was already planning on getting one, so I'd be willing to test this theory.)

And just a general question about these theories: Should you try to bounce or viewbomb an egg before it turns, or should you wait until it turns to try these methods? I know EQ and forcing would be used after it turns...

And also, if anyone's had any success and I've missed the theory they tried, could you explain it? I'm trying to get more information before I start, and I'd love to hear success stories.~

Thanks in advance!


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Re: New to the hunt

Post by Lemubaby on Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:07 pm

1st: I have heard of this theory before, (though it may have been for Zombies, not Neglects) and there are people who claim it can increase the chances, but it definitely is not required for a turn. I don't know if this has been explored upon very much.

2nd: From what I've heard, the Influence action does indeed result in an ungendered ND, but only if it is teleported to another person. At least the Dragcave Wiki claims this is true on the ND's breed page.

3rd: I think the kill action is the better choice, though not by much of a percentage. But EQ does put all the other eggs on your scroll at risk, so the kill action is the better option in my opinion.

4th: Viewbombing is possible, but very very very very hard to pull off. You'd need to have an army of volunteers clicking the egg. NDs, like other rare breeds, need more views in order to hatch than other breeds, regardless of what kind of egg it was prior to turning. It'd be a lot easier to try and get the extra day.

5th: Bouncing on the AP has pretty much been made obsolete because of the risk of someone stealing your egg. If you have a friend who is willing to help, you can teleport the turned egg to them and gain an extra day of life (this only works if the egg is being incubated by a Red!). The egg or the hatchling can later be teleported back to you. Just make sure your partner knows the egg's ToD, so that they keep a slot available for the transfer!

I myself am new to experimenting, however I have done quite a bit of research before I began, so this is as far as my knowledge goes. Hope it helps!

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