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Valfaris has too much spare time...

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Valfaris has too much spare time...

Post by Valfaris on Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:45 am I tend to write silly and awful songs abut all things DC. Razz

Given the latest acts of sabotage and making-it-worse-by-"helping" I was tempted to wish something on all the people who mess up our work. The result is a curse-song:

May your eggs forever lock you
but your hatchies grow too quick.
May all exps you try hatch normal,
and then promptly end up sick.

May your dog release your silvers.
Golds you'll SEE but never catch.
May the rares spam out refusals,
only misbreeds yield a batch.

May the stuff you put on yarolds
hit 3 days without a crack.
May the egg you miss in AP
be a lost CB Alt black.

May your influences fail you,
while your magis go on strikes.
May your purples help producing
all the eggs nobody likes.

May your tinsels get no offers,
besides those just meant to troll.
May the lagmonster decide then,
that its new home is your scroll.

That's everything I could come up with on the spot, feel free to add more. Wink

And this is my Lullaby for hatching tinsel eggs:

Grow, Tinsel, grow /
I'll hatch you nice and slow /
Don't mind the AR's, you're safe with me /
(I'll only turn your kids ND) /
Grow, Tinsel, grow.

*ducks & runs*


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Re: Valfaris has too much spare time...

Post by omegagrox on Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:20 am

They are so elusive,with faded green skin,
and shining black horns with a sad head to hold them in,
though it is quite cruel to have them weak and quite thin,
those ND's are wonderful creatures though they never grin
whys that you say? well how would you feel,
if when you were small, no one would see you,
watch you grow tall,though you were quite blue,
a common breed that was all, neglected was you.

not too shabby is it? Smile


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Re: Valfaris has too much spare time...

Post by SparkytheFlame35 on Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:21 am

More verses:

May all your Dorsal finds
Turn out to not be red,
May every Neglected attempt,
Happen to end up dead.

May chaos break out on your scroll,
The peace is getting old.
May the Datamonster decide to go
Pick fights with all your Golds.

May every single rare egg
get picked right off your screen,
Even the most common eggs,
May die because they are mean

Is good? rabbit


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Re: Valfaris has too much spare time...

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