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Experiment #3 (CB White).

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Experiment #3 (CB White). Empty Experiment #3 (CB White).

Post by Darkwood on Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:38 am

Scroll Name: It's hidden.
Scroll Link: See the above.
Egg code (not direct link please): ncj1X.
Day of Experiment: Tuesday, July 12th.
Time of Unfog: 6:31 (my timezone).
Time of Death: 6:41 (my timezone).
What are the stats?: 1/1/1.
What ER's have you put them in?: Jameia's, Silvi's, Valley Sherwood and Allure of Neglected Dragons.
Will you be on Chat? Which one?: No.

Something *really* odd happened with this egg. When I caught it last week, I immediately carefully wrote down the time at which I had caught it (6:11 AM). But when I logged in at Dragon Cave about half an hour ago (around 5:44 AM) and accidentally clicked on my fogged egg, I saw that it had already hit 0 days! O_o I was like: "W.T.F?!?! It's supposed to hit 0 days at 6:11 AM!" Shocked I was at a loss what could have caused that, because cave lagging during the week couldn't have messed up the egg's timer like that (lagging could only *delay* when an egg hits 0 days, *not* make it come sooner). And my earlier experiment (which took place about 6 hours ago) didn't have this problem, so why had that egg remained unaffected while this egg somehow was affected? What the heck?! Shocked

Either way, needless to say, this messed up my entire experiment. Crying or Very sad Not knowing when exactly the egg hit 0 days, I couldn't really estimate when its ToD would be, so the only thing I could do was put the egg in a few hatcheries, refresh its page and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the egg never turned - but it did reach the third stage of cracking. It died at 6:11 AM (which is the time I caught it at, exactly 7 days ago), with final stats of 614/92/5.

I guess that from now on, I'm not going to trust the Cave anymore and rely on an egg to reach 0 days at the time at which it was caught. I'm going to make sure I'll be on-line half an hour before it's supposed to reach 0 days, and watch when it actually hits 0 days. But this is actually ridiculous, though, the Cave should be more stable than this. Mad


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