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So, how do I go about getting a Neglected?

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So, how do I go about getting a Neglected? Empty So, how do I go about getting a Neglected?

Post by Leetle Neglected Dragon on Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:13 pm

So, how do I go about getting a Neglected?

1. The easiest step of them all. Get an egg to experiment with. You can grab one from the cave or from the AP, it doesn't matter. However, it is not recommended that you use eggs bred by yourself (eggs bred by anybody else are fine) because of the way they behave on your scroll. Make sure to keep the egg's stats low as possible (fog the egg or hide your scroll). You don't have to stay off of your scroll, you can still log in and take care of your other dragons when you have an experiment.

2. Time your egg. This means finding out the precise minute (and second too if you want) that it dies. For eggs taken directly off of the cave, this is easy. The moment it dies is exactly 7 days after the very moment you picked it up. For eggs from the AP, you will have to wait and watch the egg's time go down. When the egg's time goes down, the egg will die 30 minutes after that time when it reaches 0 hours (when an egg hits 0 hours, it actually has 30 minutes left).

3. Start your experiment! Once your egg is down to 10 or less minutes, post it on as many ERs as you can. Watch your egg very carefully. If you're lucky, your egg might turn into a Neglected egg. If your egg suddenly changes and you see something like this:

So, how do I go about getting a Neglected? Turnz

Then you just got a Neglected egg! Do note that since Neglected eggs require more views than most eggs to hatch, if your egg was cracking before it turned, it might revert back to a solid egg or go back a few cracking stages. Remember that it is completely up to luck whether your egg turns or not.

You'd think that this sounds pretty easy to do, but it's actually not. Unfortunately, most eggs that turn do so in their last minute of life (we have seen one turn at 3 minutes and another turn at 6 minutes). This does not give most people enough time to try and hatch the egg. Thus, most eggs that turn end up dying. There are, however, a couple options:

* We have reason to believe these dragons/creatures WILL NOT turn ND: Split, pygmy, ochredrake, vampire, cheese, dinos.
* Successes (lived) so far: horse, waterwalker, albino, neotropical, white, balloon, deepsea, limestone.
* The NDs do not have to be either specifically CB or specifically bred. We're not sure if having dead eggs on the scroll helps or not, but most scrolls with successes did have them.
Edit: EQ has been a successful save for last second-NDs. Bouncing does give the ND a day, but is dangerous as it may be taken on the way back.
* DO NOT pm anyone begging for a ND/help with ND. Ever.
* If your egg is a CB that has NEVER left your scroll, you can try to trade it to a friend so that it gains an entire day.

So, how do I go about getting a Neglected? NeglectedScienceBanner2-1

So, how do I go about getting a Neglected? 2whmr7c

So, how do I go about getting a Neglected? Hotonfire
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Leetle Neglected Dragon

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