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Post by 6zuzie6|Yami on Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:50 am

Q: Are Neglected Dragons even still available?
A: YES, they still exist!
Q: Can NDs be cave drops?
A: No.
Q: Can we breed NDs?
Q: Aren't Neglected the same as Zombies?
A: Neglected and Zombie dragons are NOT the same.
Q: Do Neglected Dragons go by any other name?
A: Neglected dragons are also known as "Sick" dragons, this is where they show up if you sort your scroll by breed.
Q: Why are some NDs ungendered?
A: Ungendered NDs are usually the result of glitches, as in the glitched offspring of Christmas dragons that were created out of season.
Q: Does fogging an egg count as non-neglect?
A: Fogging has been employed in some near ND eggs, it should not harm your experiments
Q: Has anyone seen this wiki entry on how to get an ND?
A: The wiki on ND dragons has been posted multiple times, it is a theory.
Q: Has anyone seen this dragon that grew up in one day?!?
A: We know some dragons have strange growing dates... 2007 dragons are being discounted from this study/experimentation for this very reason.
Q: Why do my experiment eggs keep getting views even though I haven't posted it anywhere?
A: People will try to sabotage your experiments, my advice is to either fog your experiments or to hide your scroll completely. It may be a bit more of a hassle, but, it's less of a hassle than waiting for 4 or 5 days and then have someone ER your experiment early..

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