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Me wants neglecteds *drools* I mean. Hi! 8D

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Me wants neglecteds *drools* I mean. Hi! 8D Empty Me wants neglecteds *drools* I mean. Hi! 8D

Post by Szarwas on Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:54 am

Hello there :3

How I have end up here? [boring stuff starts here] I've tried for neglecteds several times (like 5-6), my 2nd try even turned into neglected but it died. Then I gave up, but soon playing on an other website I spotted a freshly hatched neglected in a signature. I was pretty envy... the little hatchie grew up right before my eyes, I saw the little girl every day. I thought the owner must have been very lucky. Then 2 weeks after I noticed an other one in the same person's signature. I couldn't stand and pm'd her, and she suggested me this forum. [/boring stuff]

So I'm here, and already in experiencing despite the new dragons in the cave ^^; I find this site useful, I already got some great tips how to make them turn >w>
I'm just a way to lazy to post my experience, since I have 5 eggs. Would be really long to post all of them XD; But I promise once one of them will be successful, I'll tell the details :3

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