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Second Attempt

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Second Attempt

Post by HemlockDalise on Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:39 pm

Scroll Name: HemlockDalise
Scroll Link:
Egg code (not direct link please): r5Ob
Day of Experiment: Wednesday Jan 12th 2011
Time of Unfog: Four minutes before ToD.
Time of Death: 00:55:15 GMT (by my watch)
What are the stats?: 1/1/0
What ER's have you put them in?: None

I plan to leave the egg fogged until the last minute, abandon as soon as it turns (or abandon anyway if it doesn't) and catch it back, then ER blitz it on the new day. It should, all going well, have stats of 1/1/0 until it's supposed ToD.

Has anyone ever tried an experiment like this before? If so, were the results better or worse than ER-ing? Come to think of it, the one time I totally forgot about an egg I don't think the broken sprite was ND coloured...

EDIT: Egg died ten minutes before supposed time of death. I know I did it right, I caught it at 00:25 and ToD is 30 minutes later. This is exceedingly strange.


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