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First Experiment!

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First Experiment!

Post by HemlockDalise on Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:42 pm

Scroll Name: HemlockDalise
Scroll Link:
Egg code (not direct link please): vQcm
Day of Experiment: January 3, 2010.
Time of Unfog: Nine minutes before ToD.
Time of Death: 0 hours is 00:15 so ToD is... xx:45, right?
What are the stats?: 1/1/1
What ER's have you put them in?: I will be posting to DragHatch, the Dragonnery and NDER as well as the Dragon_ER LJ community and Dragonspam_ER (any more are welcome, can you really hatch an egg in less than five minutes?)

In case anyone is interested, the egg is a Ribbon Dancer.

EDIT: Egg did not turn, it died a ribbon dancer.


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