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My first Experiment

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My first Experiment

Post by Valfaris on Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:58 am

EGGxperiment 1: Balloon

Scroll Name: Valfaris
Scroll Link:
Egg code: Gr4v (couldn't resist that code)
Day of Experiment: Today
Time of Unfog: 10:28 PM cave time
Time of Death: xx:34:40 PM Came out alive @ late xx:32 / early xx:33
What are the stats?: 1/1/1 Hatched with about 1850/125/5
What ER's have you put them in?: will be in EATW & Egg Drop Soup (last min: Jaemeia, NDER, SSU too) Didn't need as much, 2+1 was more than enough. Will use 1 + x next time
Will you be on Chat? Which one?: #ndworld, #dc


Whew! A failure, albeit a helpful one for me.
I didn't think the UVs would build up so fast on a weekday morning (cave time) and for a good while they did rise nice, to about 600 OV's and 40-50 UV's. Then the numbers kinda exploded. Shocked I experienced moderate lag during unfog and a slight lag in the middle of the exp, but nowhere near as bad as the trouble that killed yesterday's exp's. Reset my own ARs when the egg was @ s4, but I wasn't fast enough to get it down to prevent hatching.

Lessons learned: Next time I will use only one ER in the first minutes and stand ready to use scroll-remove to get out of ER's should the numbers raise too fast. I'm not sure I could manage fogging and unfogging in time with the current lag-loving-cave. Nevertheless, I'm quite satisfied with my first try. I think I know what went wrong and it was due to inexperience, not botches on my part. BTW: The "Result" can be seen here: aptly named hatchie

And a cookie for vish (& Sis), SayaAki and Elssha! Thanks for the help - you were great & I had a lot of fun!

Next Experiment: Glory Drake, ToD Monday 3:21PM cave time

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