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2 August

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2 August

Post by ArynChris on Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:29 am

...and scheduled an experiment for right when I had to be sitting in a classroom tonight. Let's see if I can't do better this time, eh?

Scroll Name: ArynChris
Scroll Link: [url][/url]
Egg code (not direct link please): GAKQ
Day of Experiment: August 2nd
Time of Unfog: 12:13am EST
Time of Death: 12:23am EST
What are the stats?: 1/1/1
What ER's have you put them in?: will be in 7 ERs, don't recall the names
Will you be on Chat? Which one?: I'll be in this chat-- if you don't see me, the experiment is NOT happening


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