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Neglected Terms

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Neglected Terms

Post by Leetle Neglected Dragon on Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:14 pm

Sometimes in chat we use abbreviations to make things easier to type. I have made a small list of those words and their meanings.


ToD: means Time of Death

xx:xx (minutes : seconds): This format is used to tell us the precise moment the egg/hatchling dies and will be unfogged.

Please remember if you are in the chatroom, unless the egg turns green, don't shout "TURN, turn or ND" it confuses the other players into thinking it turned neglected.

s1, s2, s3, s4 and s5:
s1: is first stage crack.
s2: is 2nd stage crack.
s3: is 3rd stage crack.
s4: is 4th stage crack with a SMALL hole.
s5: is the final crack with a BIG hole.

EQ: Used 'Earthquake' the BSA[Breed Specific Action from Pebble/Green dragons] to help eggs hatch.

Bounce: If the egg is Caveborn, incubated, or self-bred. It can gain a day when abandoned for catchers to catch. Often would give them back to their rightful owners or let the catcher keep it of the owner's decision.
-If it was Caveborn/self-bred and incubated, it will gain two days. Since incubate takes a day away from eggs. If an incubated egg gets abandoned, the incubated time will wear off.
-Eggs will only gain a day if they have not been through the AP[Abandoned Page] yet!

Force: Using the "Kill" action on a egg to get it to hatch. The Kill action does not always kill the egg.

AP: Abbreviated for Abandoned Page

BSA: Abbreviated for Breed Specific Action

Turn/Turned: Meaning an egg had switch into another breed into Neglected Dragon breed.

AR/ARs: Abbreviated for AutoRefresh. (You can get this if you use Firefox browser)

MR/MRs: Abbreviated for Manual Refresh. Clicking on the Refresh button or mashing F5.

ER/ERs: Abbreviated for Emergency Room.

Stuck: If an egg is stuck, it won't gain any more views until another Unique View(s) increase.
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